the self belief academy

A four week transformational coaching experience, taking you from self-doubt and playing small, to living your best life full of self-belief


As seen in...


This program is exclusively for...

The girl who always expects the worst for herself

The woman who struggles with comparing herself to family and friends

The entrepeneur who is doubting her brilliant ideas

The coach who isn't sure that she can ever have the success that she craves

The mum whose inner critic is convincing her that she's doing a bad job compared to everyone else

The girl who is tired of living life not feeling good on the inside

To the woman who doesn't think she deserves the life she dreams of

Every woman deserves to believe in herself 

I will be guiding you through four weeks of life changing work

Shifting the shitty thoughts that no longer serve you

Grounding rituals to help you stay within your moment

Believing that you are worthy of an alternative reality

Saying goodbye to our inner critic 

Believing you are good enough as you are

Visualising your highest self full of self-belief

Self compassion for shame

Less doubt & more doing: how to stop talking yourself out of success

as well as...

Exclusive meditation practises

Bespoke gratitude rituals 

Evidence-based positive psychological tools and techniques to keep with you for life

I'm Laura, your coach, guide & host

I'm a Positive Psychological life coach and meditation expert, and I help women transform their mindset, leave limiting beliefs behind & step into a balanced lifestyle that works for them to achieve their dreams.

One of the biggest blockers I see women struggling within all areas of life is believing in themselves, whether that's their ability to do something or their self-esteem and self-worth. Over these two weeks, I'll be sharing not only the knowledge I have but also evidence-based practices to help you move past your own blockers, and step into a life where you truly, unapologetically, believe in yourself, for good.

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I'll help you go from this...

Constantly criticising yourself


Doubting your abilities

Comparing yourself to others in real life & online

Feeling the shame when someone asks what you're good at

Hiding away from opportunities because you "just know" that you'll fail, like you "always do"

Playing life small because you're second guessing yourself

to this!

Being your own cheerleader


Having an ever growing list of the reasons why you're bloody amazing

Being able to recognise that you're incredible, and that comparison deserves no place in your life

Feeling proud of yourself and confident in yourself

Putting yourself first with confidence that you'll be successful (& knowing that it won't be the end of the world if you aren't)

Going after the life you want, unapologetically, because you deserve it. period.

Let me break it down for you...

Because I get it. I know exactly what it's like to never fully believe that you're good enough as you are. I know what it's like to assume that everything you do will fail or not be as successful as you want it to be because the voice in your head says that good things just won't happen for you. I know what it's like to tell yourself to expect the worst so that you won't be disappointed when things don't go your way. I know what it's like to live life having zero belief in yourself.

Here's the thing, you don't deserve to live your one life that way. It's that simple. We get one shot at this thing, so why wouldn't you want to take that with confidence in yourself. With an inner voice that says "go on, try it, it could be amazing" rather than "don't do that, you'll fail". With the belief that you, as you are, are an incredible human being, not an "average" one with no skills, talents, or value to add to the universe.

This mastermind and exclusive coaching experience is what I wish I'd had years ago. It's the explanation for why those thoughts are in your head (because they're very normal with the society we live in), how to process them healthily when they arise, how to change the narrative that you aren't [insert word here] enough as you are. I'll give you evidence-based positive psychological tools to help you change the way you feel about yourself, with supported meditations to help you embody that new sense of belief in yourself and to help you let go of your unhelpful and old thoughts. I'll help you do the thing you think is impossible right now, to believe in yourself.

It's everything I wish I had before I went on a voyage through self-help podcasts, Pinterest motivational quotes, Instagram 'health' pages, multiple therapists and coaches. It's everything I wish someone had sat down with me and explained to me, just without the patronising and without the judgement that I found it hard to believe in myself. This is a safe space, to help you banish the unhelpful thoughts, and help you see that believing in yourself is possible. 


client love

Through working with Laura I feel more comfortable and confident to just work on what makes me happy rather than worrying about fitting into someone else's mould.

Laura creates such a unique, safe and supportive coaching environment. I don't think without her approach members would have been able to achieve such big steps forward in their self development journey

Since working together I've been promoted at work and I don't think I would have even applied for it before working with you. Now I feel like I absolutely deserve it!!

I want in !!!

Here are the details you need...

Four weeks of live coaching, support and guidance

Lifetime access to the Academy 

Exclusive webinars, meditations and positive psychological rituals 

One supportive community of sisters on the same journey as you


Your wellness, your mindset, your investment

Exclusive live coaching

Bespoke meditations 

Four weeks of complete support

Community and connection

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