Live Well with Laura started out of an Instagram account in 2018, by a young woman struggling with body image, trauma related anxiety, low self-esteem, constant overwhelm and very little balance.


Despite having it “together” on the outside, on the inside I was comparing myself to every woman I walked past, struggling almost every day and night with anxious thoughts, and buying into all the quick fixes for my body (hello waist trainers and skinny tea).

I started an Instagram account called Ellephoria – a space for similar young women living with anxiety, and dreaming of feeling pure happiness and self-confidence. My community grew, and I realised I wasn’t alone with these struggles. But eventually the confidence boosting quotes weren't enough on their own.

After some research I signed up to nutrition school, I loved food so healing my anxiety through that seemed like a win win situation. I became a holistic health coach, and renamed my space of the internet the “Positive Nutritionist”. I fell in love with putting goodness into your body so that it could feel good, physically and mentally. I started to learn what finding balance meant for me, not just what the wellness industry was telling me it meant.

But there was still something missing. My mind still wasn't being kind to me. I used to joke that if brain transplants were a thing, I’d take one in an instant. That was how much I desperately wanted my mindset to change. To not jump to conclusions, to not criticise me, and to not put me down when I was trying my best.


I signed up for a Postgraduate Diploma in Positive Psychology and Coaching, to learn how to let go of those negative thought patterns, develop practises that rewired my mindset, and learned how to create the ultimate lifestyle that supported who I was and where I wanted to go.

That’s where Live Well with Laura was born. An all-inclusive space on the internet for mind, body and soul. I coach women around the world, helping them rediscover their self worth, leave limiting beliefs behind, and find balance within, all on their terms and in bespoke ways that work for them.

If you'd like support on any of the areas I’ve mentioned, there are so many ways to get involved. Have a look around the website, or come over to Instagram and say hello. I’d love to meet you and support you in living balanced and well.