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For the woman who struggles with society expectations, and just wants to feel happy with who she is.


For the woman who wants to learn how to speak kindly to herself, rewire her mindset, and overcome limiting beliefs. The woman who wants to believe with every bit of her body that she is enough as she is.  


For the woman who wants to love herself but is struggling with where or how to start. She's tried the self help books and podcasts but wants something more. 


For the woman who wants to feel nourished in every way. Who craves to feel calm and energised, rather than exhausted and overwhelmed. 


For the woman who deeply desires to have the ability to step back from her busy life, schedule in me time, prioritise herself and not feel guilty about it anymore. 


For the woman who just wants balance. Balance 101 is for you

What's included?

  • A 7 week course with modules released each week (but can ultimately be done at any pace)

  • Weekly accessible webinars on each topic (audio plus accompanied transcripts)

  • Exclusive guided meditations for each step of the journey

  • Journal prompts and weekly activities to help you take onboard and embody all of your learnings

  • Two 90 group coaching sessions (live but will also be recorded) with Laura 

  • Exclusive discounts to eBooks and 1:1 coaching to compliment the program

What's the cost?

Total value of the program: £845

Price of program: £333 (available to pay in 1 or in 3 x £111)

Dates for next round: 15th November 2021 - .