Imagine if this was your reality...

Feel energised (from a nutritious balanced lifestyle that supports your goals and ambitions)

Be organised (no more jumping from this to that with no time to breathe in-between)

Develop a thriving relationship with yourself (the most important relationship of them all)

Have a collection of evidence-based tools to get you through the day rather than relying on unhealthy small quick fixes. 

Be able to pause, switch off, and not always be on the go


My mission is to help you achieve your career and business dreams, whilst creating a healthy, balanced lifestyle that makes you feel WELL on the inside and out. 


In order to be successful, it takes hard work and sacrifice. But you shouldn’t have to sacrifice your health, wellbeing or lifestyle in order to get there. I truly believe no matter how ambitious and successful you are, you deserve to feel healthy and well. 


Through 1:1 coaching I help you go from overwhelmed to optimistic, exhausted to energised, overworked to organised, and burned out to balance

Let me guess...

Do you find you don’t have enough hours in the day to do the things you keep dreaming of doing?


Do you feel overworked, overwhelmed, and burnt out and exhausted? 


Do you put your ALL into getting where you want to be but feel like you’re walking through sinking sand?


Are you starting to struggle with comparison because everyone else seems to manage it apart from you?


Are you starting to feel like there are WAY more hurdles for you to get to where you want to be compared to other people? Are you starting to second guess if you’ll be able to do this? 

My approach

Through 1:1 coaching I'll take you from overwhelmed to optimistic; from exhausted to energised; from overworked to organised; and from burned out to balanced. How?

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Positive Psychology

We'll look at overcoming limiting beliefs, shifting negative thought patterns, reducing your inner critic, and introducing evidence based tools to help you feel positive and mentally well 

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Holistic Health

My approach to holistic health is all inclusive, where we'll look at each area of your health such as movement and activity, relationships, career, routines, boundaries, and more.

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Integrative Nutrition

You can practise all the yoga, and do all the mindset work, but if you're not physically putting into your body foods that support you, we won't see all the benefits! We will integrate nutrition and healthy foods into your lifestyle without it feeling like another thing on your to do list   

Why work with me?

As someone who has balanced a career, completed my PGDip both whilst working, buying and moving into a house, set up a business, kept relationships flourishing, cook every evening meal, make time for the gym, started to plan a wedding and managed to sleep 8 hours a day (all within a year) the most common question I get is HOW. HOW do I balance all of those things and not have to sacrifice something?

I have worked in my career with people at the top of their field across a variety of industries, and the one thing they seem to have in common is not being able to find the time to balance the life they truly want with the career they have worked hard for without sacrificing something. They all want to be healthier on the inside and out, but can’t find the time so reach for the quick unhealthy fixes rather than easy, simple, healthy options which support you. 

I’m able to use this experience and knowledge to tailor my approach to meet those needs and requirements, so that finding balance doesn’t feel like just another thing on your to do list. 

Think of me as your wellbeing in the workplace expert, meditation mentor, & positive psychological coach, all wrapped into one. 

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What's included in working with me?

One 60-minute video call per week

A coach in your pocket. You'll have access to me between sessions (in business hours) for that extra support whenever you need it

A bespoke & luxury mini hamper delivered to your door with self-care products to kickstart your journey

A client portal filled with exclusive meditations, eBooks and more to support you on your journey

Access to all ticketed events (workshops, webinars etc) that I host during our time together

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I know how it feels...

To be so overwhelmed by the amount you’re putting into your career or business, compared to what you’re truly getting out of it 


To be so exhausted from putting all the hours in, only to have none for yourself 


To be so overworked by every element of your life that you can never switch fully off 


To be so burned out yet still have the feeling that you need to be doing more

Here's what it takes...

In order to truly achieve your goals and dreams, we have to commit to challenging our thinking, learn to step outside of the unknown and stay accountable.


My 1:1 coaching is designed to give you all the tools you need to access your full potential, you have to be the one to take those tools and turn them into results.


I’ll help you stay on track, but I can’t do the work for you. If you are ready to fully commit to creating the life you want, apply to work with me below!  

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Apply for 1:1 coaching

I work with a limited amount of clients so that I can provide you with my full energy and support for achieving all of your goals and dreams. Coaching packages start at a minimum of 12 sessions with me. If you'd like to be coached by me, please fill out the application form below. From there, I will reach out to you with the next steps of the process. 



Just wanted to say how thankful I am to have worked with you. I’m now back at work and even though everything is more stressful and complicated than before I just feel in control and don’t get overwhelmed so all the exercises we came up with are working in my day to day work life! I feel like a better functioning human!

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