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Exclusively for online coaches and wellness businesses, I am so excited to offer bespoke my meditation service. Combining the art of mindfulness and meditation with positive psychology, I can create the perfect bespoke meditations, to support your clients and communities needs. 

How can meditations help?

It's never been more important to take care of your mental health and inner world of thoughtsGuided meditations are an opportunity for your client to press the pause button and mindfully spend some time focussing inwards. This can help them feel calm, gain clarity, feel focused and refreshed, depending on the nature of the meditation.

So whether your a business coach, whose clients struggle with comparison, imposter syndrome or limiting beliefs and you'd like to offer them a series of meditations to help let those go in their own time, from the comfort of their own home. 

Perhaps you're a business that recognises how stressed your employees are, and want to support them in bringing calm into the workplace or healthily letting go of the day when they leave to go home.

Or maybe your a personal trainer, whose clients struggle with body image, believing they are good enough and are heading towards burnout. Meditations can help change the narrative of your client's inner chatter, which will in time support their physical goals and progression.

Or maybe you're none of those things, but work in the wellness industry, and simply recognise the power of meditations and would like to offer your clients that. This service is for you. My meditations are completely bespoke to the needs of your clients and community. I work with you to find the perfect content, duration, and tailor them specifically to how experienced your clients are with meditating or mindfulness. 

I've supported hundreds of clients through meditations

Here are a few examples of how I could help you and your communities...

G.S. Method Founder

I normally find it really hard to switch off, but listening to your meditation I was completely zoned out. The meditations are game-changing and going down SO well with my members, it's amazing! 

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