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3 Powerful Affirmations for Self-doubt

The average person has between 60,000 to 80,000 thoughts per day. It’s A LOT. Most of these are small and uncontrolled, simply floating in and out of our worlds without us truly noticing.

However, regardless of the size, they still have the ability to affect our mental health, the way we live our lives, the decisions we make on a daily basis. Bringing more awareness to our thoughts, and a little more control of our thought life will result in a healthier life and ultimately a better version of us. Mindfulness 101.

We are all subject to doubting ourselves, we’re human and imperfect at the best of times. But that doesn’t mean we need to be adding fuel to the fire when we’re starting to doubt ourselves. When you’re in that negative space, it can be easy for your brain to go find “evidence” to support its theory. To break that pattern, here are some helpful affirmations I say to myself when the self-doubt has kicked in and I am trying to support myself but also take myself out of that space.

I am amazing

Plot twist: there is only one you, therefor no one can do “you” as amazing as you.

I am on my own unique path

The grass might ‘seem’ greener on the other side. But why worry about that when you can shape, colour, and create whatever grass you want for yourself? Same goes for life, others might seem to have it easier, better, more put together, but the truth is it isn’t perfect and it isn’t for everyone. You are on your own unique path and that deserves to be celebrated.

I am enough

As much as society and social media might have you convinced otherwise, you are enough. You do not need to be more like this person or more like that person. You do not need that thing, that relationship, or that lifestyle to be complete. No number of likes, followers, friends or wedding attendees will impact your worth or value. You are truly enough as you are.

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