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4 tips for overcoming comparison

It’s so easy to get caught up with comparison at the moment.

We’re living through a time where your phone or device is one of the only ways to communicate with the outside world, so naturally, we’re spending a lot more time on social media. And even though we all know deep down that it’s a highlight reel it can be hard not to get caught up in comparing yourself to someone else. So I thought it would be useful to share my top 4 tips on helping you reduce it...

1️⃣ Focus on your strengths. What are you good at? What makes you unique? By focussing on those you’re able to realise actually how amazing you are, and by reducing that belief that you’re not good enough, the comparison will naturally reduce too

2️⃣ Practising gratitude. We often compare when we think something isn’t at a good enough level in our own worlds. By spotting things that bring joy to your world or things you’re thankful for through gratitude, you naturally start the glass half full rather than half empty, again quieting that chatter which our own levels aren’t “enough”

3️⃣ Work on your boundaries. Is there someone who regularly triggers thoughts of being less than? Mute them or unfollow. Your social media feed is your own unique space. You get to design it perfectly for your own needs. At the end of the day, no one truly cares who you are or aren’t following. And if someone does, muting is a great way to slide away without pressing the unfollow button officially.

4️⃣ Use your affirmations. One which I recently love to use when I find my mind comparing myself to others is "I am exactly where I need to be and things are moving at the perfect speed". This really helps me to ground myself, remember that I'm on a life long journey, not a 100m sprint, and that I'll get to the places I want to be when it is the right time.

I hope these little tips & affirmations help you to ground yourself away from the trap of comparison. As always do let me know if you loved this & would like more!


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