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7 Must Have Recipe Books

Recently I asked you lovely lot how you felt about cooking and nutrition habits in general. Since graduating from IIN spending time in the kitchen baking or cooking homemade meals has become one of my favourite things to do. Before I start this, I guess it’s useful to say that I was once where you were. I used to think that I didn’t have the time, that preparing yummy and healthy food was an activity reserved for those who didn’t work full time jobs, and that it would be too complicated or expensive to make it worth it. Little did I know that with small manageable changes to my mindset and behaviour, I’d fall in love with all thing’s food. The first step was to find some recipes that inspired me. That had photos which looked delicious, and a small enough ingredient list and method to not cause a minor panic attack. Buying recipe books that met those requirements almost became an addiction, I loved finding new chefs to be inspired by and try, and every time the local book shop had a sale I was THERE. So, to take the effort and time away from you, and on request, I’ve put together my recommendation of where to start with books that I use on a weekly basis. There’s a mixture of chefs, cuisines, and dietary requirements all met (and as a coeliac they are all adaptable too!) so hopefully there is something to your taste!

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Jamie Oliver 5 things

Every recipe has 5 ingredients (although look out for the one ingredient Jamie loves to use but not include in the list which is red wine vinegar! It’s caught us out a few times! Perfect for pasta dishes and meals around meat but not a lot of plant based options.

Jamie Oliver 7 ways

The thing I like about this book is it takes regular ingredients that you’d probably include in a shop, or at least know which isle to find them in, and shows you 7 new recipes showcasing it! There’s a lot more vegetarian options in this book which I love from Jamie. Some slightly longer recipes but the ingredients are still pretty minimal.

Joe Wicks Lean In 15

I bought these three books for the 15 part rather than the lean part. I loved the idea that when I got home after a busy day and long commute, I could whip together a nutritious meal. If you’re a gym goer then this book splits out into meals that are great for exercise days and rest days which is super useful! Even if you aren’t a gym goer but find cooking a long task, this series by Joe is brilliant to overcome that belief and cook yummy health meals quickly.

Buy each here: Shift, Shape, Sustain

What Vegans Eat

The simplest vegan cook book I’ve ever used. When moving to vegan or plant based meals it can be a little daunting because there are ingredients that you might not usually have had in your cupboard. But What Vegans Eat doesn’t do that, uses items that you’ve definetly heard of, and makes vegan cooking so simple. I’ve recommended it to all my friends and family who look to make the move to vegan meals!

MOB Veggie: Feed 4 for under £10

I mean, the title enough was enough for me to try this book out. I love that you can cook meals for 4 on a £10 budget. As someone who lives as a two it’s perfect for bulk cooking and saving a portion for the next day or freezing for the future. All the recipes are relatively easy and simple but the ingredients might be a little new in some for you. There’s a range of pasta, curry, brunch and more – really something for everyone!

*Every book is one I have purchased myself and used for years and genuinely believe in, so I hope you love them as well! Each link goes to Amazon where the price is the same as any amazon website, however I will receive (the smallest) commission if you use my link. Thank you in advance for supporting my work x

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