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Gift Guide: Anxiety support

Before starting this gift guide, I cannot emphasise the support you can give to a loved one for free. Support doesn't have a price tag, and can come in many different ways, such as being willing to listen (judgement free), learning some of the signs your loved one shows that they're struggling, encouraging them to get help and expressing your support, or helping to create a low stress environment, to name a few.

However I always get asked by family and friends, what you can get for someone struggling with anxiety to support them that little bit further. A gift that shows "I get you're having a tough time, here's something I saw and thought might support you".

This gift guide is a collection of products that I adore, and would recommend to my own family, friends or loved ones with anxiety. Simply click the image to be taken to each store to read more and purchase. Where I've put an Asterix next to a product shows that I'll earn a (very small) commission through you using my link (the price doesn't change for you at all, it will be the same if you buy without - thank you in advance if you use it).

So, with all that out of the way, here's the gift guide!

The White Company Sleep Candle*

My favourite alternative and holistic practise is having scented candles lit. Whether I'm working, reading a book, or switching off on the sofa, having an aromatherapy candle on helps relax and most importantly soothe the mind. This candle has lavender (to relax the mind and body), chamomile (for even more relaxation) and clary sage (to lift mood).

Self Care for the Real World

This book was the first one we read as part of Self Care Book Club. There is something wonderful about the escapism that reading a book can provide when feeling anxious. The best part about this book is that each of the tips, tools and advice on self care can be implemented easily from the comfort of your own home.

Bloom & Blossom Pillow Spray*

A lot of anxiety tends to creep in to our minds when we've just got into bed, which is why creating an evening routine that supports your wellbeing is so important. Using a pillow spray as I get into bed has been a ritual I've used for years and couldn't recommend it enough. The scents of frankincense and chamomile are so relaxing you'll feel like you're in a spa! Having a stress free, relaxing and comfy environment will help you unwind and drift into that peaceful sleep, rather than laying in bed with too many anxious thoughts.

Meaningful prints

One of the most thoughtful and supportive gifts I've been given was a quote in a print. I have it next to my bed and whenever I see it I'm reminded of the support that person's given me, and the message feels good to keep reading to myself. Often my bed is where I'll go sit if I'm feeling anxious, so having that near by helps me to bring myself back into the present. I've linked a few of my favourite quote prints below.

CALM App Annual Subscription

CALM has been my go-to app for years. Having emergency anxiety relief audio, 100+ mindfulness meditations by experts on releasing fear, anxiety, negative thoughts, stress, and evening music or stories all in your pocket is such a powerful tool to have. By gifting an annual subscription, your loved one will have full access to the app and all the resources on offer!

Calm Oil Blend

Handmade from natural carrier oils and essential oils, each blend is carefully crafted to help you relax and feel calm. This blend features oils that soothe the nervous system and release tension. I've been personally using the Calm Roller for the past month and am already noticing the anxiety relief when applying oil before doing something that might trigger some worry. The blends are available in a roller or dropper.


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