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How I combat my Sunday night anxiety

Sunday evenings are one of the most popular times for anxiety to creep in, because the dreaded Monday morning is crawling around the corner and a new week of work and lockdown is about to start. Sunday night anxiety is such a normal thing to experience even if you love your job to pieces, so I thought after experiencing it pretty badly last night, I’d share my routine with you to start to quieten that mind and relax into your night.

My routine has been created over trying a variety of different tools and figuring out what works for me, and my specific anxiety at night. Personally, I’ve found that incorporating an element for each of the senses has been the right thing to fully switch off my anxiety and fall into a restful sleep. I recommend doing the same for yourself, being open to trying new things until you find your perfect routine.

Make your room cosy and comfy

Feeling relaxed starts with your environment, and making it the ultimate relaxation spot is key for feeling good for any evening, not just Sundays. Pillows, blankets, low lighting (lamps and fairy lights are my go-to rather than bright main lights) are used to set the scene and help you switch into relaxation mode instead of feeling on the go like you might during the day.

Light a candle

Bonus points if you have a scented candle. The soft flicker of the flame is something nice to focus your eyes on, and is proven to help relax the mind when feeling a little stressed. If you’ve got a scented candle, make sure it is something like lavender or chamomile for the sensual and relaxation benefits those provide!

Pillow mist

This has been a game changer for my evening anxiety. Lavender is key for personally switching off into a deep sleep rather than laying wide awake with anxiety. Putting the mist on a pillow but also the top of your duvet will help you feel surrounded by the smell and start to distract mind to how nice it smells and feels, rather than what you were previously getting anxious about.

Lumie lamp

Having a Lumie lamp sunset in the room has been critical to my night anxiety reducing. The slow descent into darkness and the option to have sound effects help you slowly drift off into a sleep. Personally, having something to listen to like that really helps my mind get distracted just enough to not be over thinking.


If the anxiety is really bad, then a guided meditation is my go-to solution. I put it quietly in my headphones, and follow the guidance through controlling and slowing my breath, intentionally thinking about nicer things, and usually drift off within 30 minutes. At the moment, I am listening to a bedtime hypnosis for prosperity by Sarah Hunter, it’s brilliant to be distracted by breathwork and manifesting my dreams. However before discovering Sarah’s work I was using deep sleep body scan meditations or sleep stories on the CALM app.

I hope this has given you a little inspiration or a new idea to try within your own Sunday evening anxiety-combating routine!

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