January Book Review: Atomic Habits

Updated: Mar 14

Welcome to my first book review of 2022! For those of you who are new around here, I've made a promise to myself to read more books - and want to read at least one each month of the year.

I asked my wonderful readers and community over on Instagram what I should start with on the topics of wellness, mindset, positive lifestyle etc - anything that matches my vibe. And boy did they pull through with an absolute cracker - James Clear's Atomic Habits. I'm going to dive straight in with why I thought this deserved a solid 4 /5 gold stars from me as a rating.

What it's all about

They say this book is all about becoming 1% better every day. Whilst I'm not sure that's what I fully took away with it, what I did take was a real understanding of habits. Why previous ones I've tried to create have failed instantly, how ones that have stood the test of time have done exactly just that, and how to change my mindset when it comes to improve things in my life. James provides a really great in depth explanation about habit stacking which is probably the biggest takeaway that I personally took from it, as well as diving into other tools such as the goldilocks zone (a way that exceptional people manage to push through doing something over and over again).

Did I want to put it down?


Yes and no. The first time I picked it up, I didn't want to put it down for about 100 pages. After that, it probably took me another two weeks to read the other ~160 pages. I think this is a positive thing though, as when James dives into the laws of habits and each one, I found it useful to take time away, to try and embody or practise what I'd learned and see what the personal results are. I'm always a little weary of people that read self help books in a day - honestly how much of it do you remember and implement anyway?

Jargon rating


A JARGON FREE BOOK. Hurrah! There's nothing worse personally than when you have to put a book down to google what something means. Everything is in regular language which makes it a comfortable read whether it's your 1st or 200th self help / self improvement book.

Ability to implement into your own life


Really really simple. I love that he provides simple explanations on how to create new habits, how to use all of the laws, and also how each one builds on the previous. It allows you to implement it in phases - which I find a much more sustainable approach.

How likely am I to tell everyone they need this book?


If you're someone who wants to improve their life and create positive habits then this is definitely the book for you. I think it will be one in the library that I recommend to my clients and community regularly. Will I be telling my hairdresser, cab driver or the girls at brunch that they NEED to read it? Unlikely unless I know they have an interest in the topic!


Overall, it's a wonderful book and has some genuine life changing tips and tools to easily implement in an accessible way. You can purchase from Amazon here (at no cost to you by using my link I'll receive commission).

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