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Journal prompts for overcoming overwhelm

Overwhelm can be really tough to deal with at the best of the times, but after living with restrictions and our lives completely changing for over a year now, it can sometimes seem impossible.

This week, my good friend and podcast co-host Bec and I recorded what was definitely our favourite episode all about our most recommended methods to keep a level head, the emergency tools we lean to when things are feeling a bit too much, and the fact that everything you're feeling right now is totally valid. You can listen to the episode here!

It's been a really hard year, and the recent news of having normality delayed for even longer was difficult to take for some. But whether you're scratching at the door to get out, or feeling a sense of dread about returning back to what was 'normal', there are things you can do to help.

One of the things we chat about on our poddy is how journaling can really help unravel your thoughts, and most importantly be a safe space to explore how you’re genuinely feeling, with zero judgment. So as promised, we’ve put together our top five journal prompts. As always feel free to explore these prompts in any way that works for you, from brain dumping to doodling or bullet journalling. There’s no right way, just whatever feels right for you!

  1. What’s on your mind today?

  2. Write a list of relaxing activities that you can do for yourself when feeling overwhelmed or anxious

  3. What are three things you are grateful for this week?

  4. What’s one thing you could do to simplify your life and bring in a sense of calm?

  5. What is one thing that you could prioritise and do for yourself this week?

Let us know over on Instagram how you found the episode and if you used these prompts.

Laura & Bec x

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