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What actually *are* affirmations?

You’ve seen BossBabe post them. You’ve seen Khloe Kardashian share them. And recently you’ve probably seen 101 coaches offer you three of their faves as part of a reel that you didn’t ask for. So what actually are these things called affirmations, and why are they aggressively clogging up your feed?

Affirmations are a positive psychological intervention (PPI, not the covid type!) used to help individuals challenge negative and unhelpful thoughts. They’re based on ideas explored in the self-affirmation theory, that we can maintain our sense of self integrity by telling ourselves what we believe.

They’re shared online, particularly on Instagram and Pinterest as these magical sentences that will banish all of your limiting beliefs, and whilst they can work on that area, they can also work against you.

Imagine for a moment you struggle with the belief that you’re not attractive as you are. This is one that I held on to myself for years. Walking past the mirror you wouldn’t like the reflection. You’d compare yourself to others. It becomes all encompassing. It takes up every area of your life. If you try and stand in front of a mirror and say “I am attractive as I am”, a few things will happen.

  1. The cringe. It will be unbearable as you stand there probably saying to yourself “this is stupid”.

  2. The fraud. Your inner critic I will call you out on the BS because it fundamentally doesn’t agree with what you just said.

  3. You’ll make a promise to yourself that you’ll never try this stupid trend again.

Whereas if you work with a coach (🙋🏼‍♀️), or a qualified individual (hey 😉) who can help you understand where those thoughts are coming from, safely see where they are being reaffirmed in your mindset and lifestyle, and support you to create bespoke affirmations to slowly shift those limiting beliefs and build your self confidence and self esteem up in a manageable, sustainable way.

So why are they clogging up your feed?

Honestly, because the algorithm loves them. In a season where every coach and creator is head butting the algorithm they’re desperate for something that will stick - a very harsh but true reality. The algorithm loves content that you can share, so why not these seemingly easy mindset trends? Harmless, right?

… wrong 😑

They’re not a trend. They’re not an overnight fix. They’re not just the latest filler foe your Instagram wellness feed.

They’re a ritual, a practise, a tool that needs guidance and support.

There’s a reason why every product you buy comes with a manual. Mindset tools should be treated the same way.

So what next? How do you actually make them work for you? Make sure you’re following my IG feed as a qualified positive psychological coach and certified practitioner to support you in your journey to using affirmations! I’m going to be sharing a mini series on them over the next few days 💛

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